Sing Bible Songs for families.

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Bible-based songs are a great way to incorporate God's Word into the hearts and minds of both parents and children. In fact, they can be helpful to anyone wanting to fill their minds with the good news found in the Scriptures.

Here at Sing Bible Songs, we want to share the gift of music that God has given us with other families who desire to fill the minds of their children with God's Word. Over time we will be including a variety of songs to help you in your faith journey.

KVJ Scripture Songs

These songs are taken word for word from the King James Version of the Bible. Also known as memory verse songs, they enable quick learning of the Word of God.

Bible-based Songs

These songs are based on specific verses or chapters from the Bible, but do not follow the Scriptures word for word.

Instrumental Hymns

These classic hymns will provide inspirational music for your listening pleasure. They are also great as a background for individual or group singing.

We look forward to helping you fill your minds with the Word of God.